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TSA, the Airlines and Traveling with Children

Sometimes, the hardest part of traveling with children isn’t their attitudes or ear-pops at 27,000 feet. It’s usually the long lines at the airport and seemingly slow-as-molasses security check at the TSA line. What can you do to make life easier when traveling with children? According to TSA.gov, the following tips will help you be […]

Happy family with mom, dad and two kids

6 Steps for a Safe Family Spring Break

I recently took my kids on a fun-filled, action-packed spring break to a popular U.S. travel destination. Our 7-hour car ride was timed, the vehicle checked and the route was planned and programmed in the GPS (both the car and the phone!). I was certain I was following all the rules to ensure this would […]

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6 Cheap vacation tips

At Randesign, we believe the family that plays together stays together. And that means finding affordable deals on family vacations. We also believe that quality time spent together doesn’t have to break the bank. Here are 6 vacation tips for having some family fun on the cheap and getting the most out of your vacation budget. First, a […]