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Cyber bullying - what you can do - Personalized Kids Plates

6 Simple Strategies to Avoid Cyber Bullying

Part four of a four part series (Related read: Physical Bullying) The statistics are startling. According to StopBullying.gov, kids who have been exposed to a cyber bully are more likely to: Use alcohol and drugs Skip school Experience in-person bullying Be unwilling to attend school Receive poor grades Have lower self-esteem Have more health problems […]

Personalized Kids Plates

My Child Won’t Give Up the Binky

We’ve all seen it and some have lived it. …for much too long. The Binky. Aka, the pacie. From the moment they were newborn, we taught our children that sucking on something preoccupies the current baby stressor to a self-soothing distraction. And now, parents across the country lament their child won’t give up the Binky. I remember […]

Happy family with mom, dad and two kids

6 Steps for a Safe Family Spring Break

I recently took my kids on a fun-filled, action-packed spring break to a popular U.S. travel destination. Our 7-hour car ride was timed, the vehicle checked and the route was planned and programmed in the GPS (both the car and the phone!). I was certain I was following all the rules to ensure this would […]