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Be an Amazing Parent

If Your Child Does These 3 Things, You Are an Amazing Parent

We are in the age of subjective parenting standards driven by the social media highlight reel. It is a race of time to show the world what an amazing parent you are by virtue of the perfectly behaved and well-adjusted child. Not a day goes by that someone posts something resulting in unsolicited validation or, […]

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When Your Child Is Not Invited: 3 New Ideas to Help Kids Understand

  Let’s face it. There will come a time in your child’s life, usually somewhere around 6-9 years old, when the whispering word on the playground about little Timmy’s birthday next weekend will seemingly include everyone but your child. Truth is, your child is not invited and you have to help him understand. With the average […]

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5 Ways to Create Structure for Your Children

For many parents of school-age children, the thought of the two-week winter break from school signals a mixed bag of emotion. Some may travel across time zones, others will attend late night performances and energetic events or festive yet exhaustive parties, although for most, the luxury of staying home and just being ‘leisure’ might hold […]

More so and beyond the behavior not being "ok," but rather the aggressive behavior has actions that are greater than himself.

Push, Pull, Grab and Shove. Life Lessons From Black Friday

One would think it was the last bottle of water in the Sahara. Droves of people pushing, pulling, grabbing and shoving their way so they can have the bragging rights of “mine, it’s all mine and you can’t have any.” The aggressive behavior, much like what any parent of a toddler sees almost daily, is […]

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Screen-free Families: 6 Reasons Why It’s Time to Put the Devices Down

Everywhere you look, it seems if everyone is looking down. In what seems like a blip of time, people of all ages are tuned in and the world –and the people in it– are tuned out. Today, more parents are recognizing the importance of becoming a screen-free family. Screen time and device use has increased, as […]

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6 Ways Your Kids Are Making You Fat

It happened. You went from bouncing back from your post-baby weight body to “hello, Mom Jeans.” Your baby became a child and suddenly, you realized your kids diet differs from yours. You are meticulous about the food pyramid, the number of juice ounces you serve your child and know that the “size of your fist equates […]

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Everyone Has Dirty Dishes: Why it’s ok to have a lived in home

It used to be, every Thursday night at 6:30pm was an in-home festival of zippy music, toe-tapping and hip shaking sounds and tempos that fueled the energy to master the magic from an arsenal of cleaning products. It didn’t matter if it was dirty dishes, streaky windows, or dust bunnies. It was sayonara to the tiniest […]