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No-homework? Many parents are praising the idea.

In Praise of the No-homework Idea

This week’s lively banter around the fire pit was about the recent no-homework policy from Brandy Young, a second grade teacher at Godley Elementary School in Godley, Texas. You don’t really know your friends until you debate the amount –and rationale, of homework at various ages. And so began a no-homework conversation among six adults […]

Cute Girl Eating Chocolate Yogurt With Hands.

3 Reasons Why Your Kids Should Eat the Pumpkin Pie Before the Turkey

Whether it be around the holiday table, at a restaurant, during a birthday party or in the course of an every day dinner, parents everywhere struggle with their children about finishing their meal before having a treat or dessert. Sure, who would not want to indulge in sugary, chocolate goodness instead of a hunk of […]