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Royal Baby Names

7 Royal Baby Names That Have Nothing to do with George or Elizabeth

The world is again abuzz as the royal baby countdown is well underway. While the media has listed a slew of potential royal baby names such as Edward, Elizabeth, Grace and George, we thought it would be good to step outside the predictable box of traditional European baby names yet still maintain the royal moniker. Here’s […]

Toddler riding a bike

The Terrible Twos: Helpful Ways to Tame a Testy Toddler

Battling over breakfast. Screaming at the supermarket. Launching chicken nuggets at lunch. Defiant during dinner. And scattered in between, as peaceful as an angel. Welcome to the terrible twos. As a parent, we’ve long been forewarned about this looming and almost-dreaded phase in our child’s development. From those who have come before us, those in […]

Baby names inspired by drinks

20 Baby Names Inspired By Your Favorite Liquid Refreshment

Many parents-to-be spend countless hours searching baby names that will fit perfectly with their interest, lifestyle and of course, surname. As “nights of a thousand shots” with friends will soon-be-replaced with diaper changes and midnight feedings, one might wish to consider baby names inspired by a favorite liquid refreshment. Here are a few of our favorites: Whiskey Daniel […]

How Long Should My Baby Sleep?

How Long Should My Baby Sleep?

Newborn and baby sleep patterns are different from those in older children and adults. Understanding baby sleep patterns will help you get through those long, sleepless nights. For newborns, sleep is about equally divided between rapid eye movement (REM) and non-REM sleep and follows these stages: Stage 1: Drowsiness, in which the baby starts to fall asleep. Stage […]

Happy family with mom, dad and two kids

6 Steps for a Safe Family Spring Break

I recently took my kids on a fun-filled, action-packed spring break to a popular U.S. travel destination. Our 7-hour car ride was timed, the vehicle checked and the route was planned and programmed in the GPS (both the car and the phone!). I was certain I was following all the rules to ensure this would […]