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Kids can be your sanity saver this holiday season

The Holiday Sanity Saver: 3 Great Ideas to Implement When Your Kids Are Pulling on your Apron Strings

Here it is, holiday season. To many, the thoughts of the happy family gathering ’round the perfectly set dinner table, perfectly coiffed kids, and relatives patiently awaiting the well-timed (and perfectly browned) turkey is a far-fetched vision of a hoped-for realty. For the rest of us–well, likely all of us, and definitely those of us […]


3 Fresh Ideas for Dealing with the Terrible Two’s

The Terrible Two’s. Many parents long for the sleepless nights of the baby months rather than the unpredictable and unplanned tantrums that go hand-in-hand with the Terrible Two’s. The Terrible Two’s often misunderstood. While many children approach this developmental phase around 24 months, the Terrible Two’s can actually begin earlier and last into the 3rd […]

Single parent stressors

Visitation: One of the Biggest Single Parent Stressors

The water cooler conversations took a new theme this week and we ended up chatting about single parent stressors. As single parents, there were many situational considerations; as parents, we shared a lot of common concerns. We whittled our gripes and groans to what we call the 7 Single Parent Stressors, with much inspirational humor […]

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5 Summer Foods You Should Not Give Your Child

Summer foods.  Families are in the groove having swapped out the book bag and lunch box for pool-noodles and picnic baskets. And, while many parents follow a routine meal plan during the school year, a carefree mindset kicks in once the last bell rings in June. Enter summer foods. Unfortunately, all the healthy-select sandwiches, carefully cut […]

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TSA, the Airlines and Traveling with Children

Sometimes, the hardest part of traveling with children isn’t their attitudes or ear-pops at 27,000 feet. It’s usually the long lines at the airport and seemingly slow-as-molasses security check at the TSA line. What can you do to make life easier when traveling with children? According to TSA.gov, the following tips will help you be […]

Be an Amazing Parent

If Your Child Does These 3 Things, You Are an Amazing Parent

We are in the age of subjective parenting standards driven by the social media highlight reel. It is a race of time to show the world what an amazing parent you are by virtue of the perfectly behaved and well-adjusted child. Not a day goes by that someone posts something resulting in unsolicited validation or, […]

When Your Child Will Not Listen: Talking tips for toddlers and teens

When Your Child Will Not Listen: Talking tips for toddlers and teens

It seemed every day, beginning at the time my daughter was two years old, my vernacular would be filled with more points of repeat than resolve. “My child will not listen,” I’d say to the other frazzled and frustrated mommies in our weekly play group. Sadly, we shared the same angst and a few of […]

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Beyond the Lemonade Stand: Straight talk about kids and money

We’ve heard it before, and a hundred times from the innocent mouths of babes: “But it’s MY money.” “I WANT that”… After the last lemon was successfully squeezed, and every quarter counted, the kids and money madness begins. As parents, we have the influence to shape our children not only with the idea of how […]