These personalized dinner plates are excellent keepsake gifts for holidays, birthdays, baby showers. Made of durable melamine, they won’t fade. Unique decor

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  • Friendly Bear personalized vintage art, melamine dinner plate for kids

    Happy Bear vintage nameplate

  • Boy Flying Plane Fantasy personalized dinner plate.

    Boy Flying Plane Fantasy name plate

  • Boy on Motorcycle name plate. Personalized dinner plate for kids.

    Boy on Motorcycle name plate

  • Personalized vintage,sports dinner plate by Randesign

    Sports, Sports, Sports name plate

  • Basketball Boy personalized name plate. Personalized dinner plate for kids.

    Basketball Boy name plate

  • Boys and Girls Friends melamine personalized dinner plate.

    Boys and Girls personalized melamine dinnerware plate

  • Soccer Boy personalized name plate.

    Soccer Boy personalized plate

  • Boy with Blimps Fantasy personalized name plate.

    Boy with Blimps Fantasy name plate

  • Boy Playing Soccer personalized melamine plate.

    Boy Playing Soccer name plate

  • Birthday-"It's a boy" birthday/baby shower personalized melamine dinner plate

    “It’s a Boy” personalized melamine dinnerware plate

  • Boy, Girl and Dogs personalized name plate.

    Boy, Girl and Dogs name plate

  • Boy's dog melamine personalized dinner plate

    Boy’s dog name plate

  • Boy and Girl Sledding personalized dinner plate.

    Boys and Girls Sledding personalized melamine dinnerware plate

  • Boys and Girls Swimming in pond personalized name plate.

    Boys and Girls Swimming name plate

  • Our "Birthday Calendar Photo Plate" is our most personalized plate to date.

    “Birthday Calendar and Photo” keepsake plate

  • Boy, Girl Beach Volleyball personalized name plate.

    Boy, Girl Beach Volleyball name plate

  • Boy Playing Basketball personalized name plate.

    Boy Playing Basketball name plate

  • Sale! Personalized vintage, Happy Bear, Dog & Cat dinner plate for babies and kids

    Happy Bear, Dog, Cat vintage personalized dinnerware plate 

    $24.00 $21.00
  • “Baby Sports” decorative birthday dinnerware plate