Baby showers – ugh. No one likes to go to them and having them just seems like a chance for revenge. Nonetheless, we all endure them, so let’s put a few minutes of thought into those gifts. We’ve reviewed some of the best tips on what to NOT (as in AVOID AT ALL COSTS) give for a baby shower gift.

Velvet Star at Hubpages gave an interesting review of this product (edited for space):

1. The Diaper Genie

A garbage can for diapers that promises no smell, ever. Perfect. Except it doesn’t work. Oh, it will for the first few months, when diapers don’t really smell anyway. But six months later, when the packaging is long gone and so is your receipt, you’ll realize that POOPIE DIAPERS SMELL NO MATTER WHAT YOU PUT THEM IN. backed up this sentiment, saying:

The cartridges are ridiculously expensive. And it is a total pain to refill it when you are sleep deprived at 2 AM and realize the last cartridge is buried deep in the baby’s closet somewhere. A trash can works really well for…trash.

— So, I think you can scratch this one off the list. is also not a fan of crafts as a baby shower gift idea:

2. One of those 12 month frames:

Talk about unnecessary stress. Is it the end of the month already? Really? I need to take another posed picture of the baby (in a complicated, fancy outfit) to put in her silver plated 12 month frame! Then I’ll use her next nap to upload it, order it, cut it so it fits the tiny space. God, I’m exhausted just thinking about it.

3. Ditto for those precious handprint and footprint kits.*


4. Baby Wipe Warmer

This one also has generally bad reviews across baby sites. The wipes are known to dry out too soon, and/or actually get too hot. Let’s face it, when it comes to babies – the gentle approach is best. Warm the wipe in your hands first.

5. Anything that replaces what they already have

Example: Changing tables, diaper pails (or the notorious Diaper Genie, above!), baby laundry detergents, baby baths, and so on. All of these are marketing gimmicks targeted to the baby shower/birthday present buyer. Not only are they not useful, but they take up much needed space and are a waste in otherwise needed resources.


A final word: Most of us with newborns are strapped for two things: time and money. A truly valued gift will take that into consideration. Diapers themselves can be a very appreciated gift, but know the preferred brand first. Clothes are a great idea – if you put the thought into what season it will be when the child is supposed to fit into the clothing. Strapped for cash yourself? Consider creating a few coupons for baby sitting – this could truly be the most cherished and original gift of all.

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