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TSA controversies caught on camera

TSA controversies caught on camera

The TSA is no stranger to controversy. Accusations of invasive searches of a young boy, a female cancer patient, CNN contributor and a former Miss USA have gone viral across the internet in recent years. And while we accuse these agents of all manners of perversion, terrorists across the world rejoice and take note. Thirteen year-old […]

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5 Summer Foods You Should Not Give Your Child

Summer foods.  Families are in the groove having swapped out the book bag and lunch box for pool-noodles and picnic baskets. And, while many parents follow a routine meal plan during the school year, a carefree mindset kicks in once the last bell rings in June. Enter summer foods. Unfortunately, all the healthy-select sandwiches, carefully cut […]

Yoga for Children: Simply stretching, religion or something else?

Yoga, a practice that has been around for centuries, has gained immense popularity in the West. The yoga community has flourished in the past few years, appealing to busy parents, college students, professional sports teams, and yoga for children. Yes, you read correctly: yoga for children!   Yoga can be a bit intimidating for those who […]