We are officially TWO weeks out from the first day of school.Yikes! This morning when my 6 year old and twin 2 year olds rolled out of bed at 9:00, I realized we better start getting back into routine. I know… I know… 9:00 AM for a 2 year old?!? I’ve been one of the lucky few to have kids who sleep well!

For the past 5 months, we have somehow managed to completely disregard our daily schedule. We literally never bounced back after daylight savings! It has been horrible. Before daylight savings hit, nap time started at 1:00. Today, nap time was at 4:00. Which was then of course followed by a very late bedtime, with a few tantrums in-between. With my first son, I was never sold on needing to have a daily routine. Two kids later, I could not disagree with my previous self more. This Summer has really given me insight to why being on a schedule and having a daily routine is a must for us.

3 Reasons Why My Kids Need a Daily Routine

1. The Hangriness. If they sleep in, I better get their bellies filled as soon as they wake up or else I am in for some serious hangry moods! There’s nothing worse than starting the day off with a full blown tantrum on the kitchen floor. My growing boys are definitely more content when on a consistent meal schedule.

Kitchen tantrums at their finest. Lack of a consistent meal schedule is to blame for this one. Hangry toddler.

Kitchen tantrums at their finest. Lack of a consistent meal schedule is to blame for this one. Hangry toddler.

2.   The Mess. Without a set plan, they will be on a daily mission to destroy. I’m talking toys EVERYWHERE . Actually, not even just toys… clothes, cups, blankets… anything they can get their hands on. They’ve started this new idea where it’s fun to stack as many things as they can find into a huge pile on the couch. Cleaning the same room 5x in one day is enough to break anyones sanity.

3. The Bickering. Maybe this is just a part of Summer break but, the sibling bickering is at an all time high. A container of 100 matchbox cars and they’re fighting over the same one.

So, I am officially on a mission to get us back into a daily routine and ready for the new school year! A few hours on Pinterest and hopefully I’ll find some creative ways to get the boys excited. I love these easy tips from HGTV https://www.hgtv.com/design/decorating/clean-and-organize/streamline-back-to-school-routine-pictures (how cute is that bathroom clock)!

Please share any back-to-school routine go-to’s you may have!  I’d love to hear them!

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