Bold Balloons birthday name plate. Personalized dinner plate for kids.

Birthday name plates

Personalized plates for birthday gifts

Christmas Owl name plate. Personalized dinner plate for kids.

Christmas presents

These personalized plates are great for Christmas presents and other holidays

Boy on Motorcycle name plate. Personalized dinner plate for kids.

Name plates for boys

The perfect present for boys and any occasion

Girl Princess Fantasy name plate. Personalized dinner plate for kids.

Name plates for girls

The perfect present for girls and any occasion

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Mild Mannered or Simply Sickening? 3 Ways to Help Your Kids Learn Good Manners

I used to struggle with the bad manners vs. good manners idea when my kids were very young. It would seem every time I looked at my darling daughters, there was something that I could correct. Sure, children are not born pre-programmed with manners. Nor does the elusive parenting manual provide us a best way […]

Personanl Baby Products -lemonade stand

Beyond the Lemonade Stand: Straight talk about kids and money

We’ve heard it before, and a hundred times from the innocent mouths of babes: “But it’s MY money.” “I WANT that”… After the last lemon was successfully squeezed, and every quarter counted, the kids and money madness begins. As parents, we have the influence to shape our children not only with the idea of how […]

Personalized vintage, happy animals dinner plate by Randesign

5 Great Ideas for an Easter Basket They’ll Love

It’s that time again, when as parents, we reluctantly convene in the candy aisle, trying to rationalize the idea of buying candy for the Easter Basket and how much is enough? However, creating an Easter Basket doesn’t have to the routine and typical. Check out these five great ideas to make an Easter Basket your kids […]