Bold Balloons birthday name plate. Personalized dinner plate for kids.

Birthday name plates

Personalized plates for birthday gifts

Christmas Owl name plate. Personalized dinner plate for kids.

Christmas presents

These personalized plates are great for Christmas presents and other holidays

Boy on Motorcycle name plate. Personalized dinner plate for kids.

Name plates for boys

The perfect present for boys and any occasion

Girl Princess Fantasy name plate. Personalized dinner plate for kids.

Name plates for girls

The perfect present for girls and any occasion

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My Child Won’t Give Up the Binky

Follow Us We’ve all seen it and some have lived it. …for much too long. The Binky. Aka, the pacie. From the moment they were newborn, we taught our children that sucking on something preoccupies the current baby stressor to a self-soothing distraction. And now, parents across the country lament their child won’t give up the Binky. […]

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Kids Summer Schedules: 3 steps to save your sanity

Follow Us For many school-age kids, the idea of a summer schedule means lazy days, without obligations, sleeping in until 10am and pizza for breakfast. But, to many parents, the fun of summer comes with grumpy kids, wacky eating patterns and unscheduled, unstructured time resulting in the repetitive mantra “I’m bored…” from the mouths of […]

Beyond the Ooh’s and Ahh’s: How fireworks can damage your child’s hearing

Follow Us Nothing says happy summer more than the celebration of America’s independence. Of course, the culmination of that day along with other summer classics such as baseball and festivals likely conclude with a grand show of brilliantly displayed fireworks. As parents, we’ve heard and heeded the warnings to leave the pyrotechnics to the pros; to be […]